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English Internet Marketing Courses



English Internet Marketing Courses
English Internet Marketing Courses


All courses are in English


Facebook Marketing 2015
Video’s 1 hour 30 min

1 Introduction
2 The power of
3 Business
4 Business pages
5 Groups
6 Apps
7 Events
8 Ads
9 Audiences
10 Pixels
11 Automation tools
12 The 10 do this
13 The 10 do not this
14 Case studies
15 Facebook Affiliate
Facebook Marketing Made Easy 2.0 – Training Guide
Facebook Marketing Bonus Reports
Facebook Marketing Cheat Sheet

E-mail Marketing
video’s 52 min
Balancing Promotional Emails And Free Content
Email Frequency – How Often Should You Email your List
How I Write Copy For Any Product In Just 5 Minutes
How To Tell A Story In Your Emails
How To Track Your Click-Through And Open Rate
Should You Use Double Opt-In Or Single Opt-In
Should Your Ask For Your Subscribers First Name When They Opt-In
Text VS HTML Emails
When Is The Best Time To Send Out Your Email
Email Marketing E-book Email Copy That Sells
Email Marketing E-book Instant Winning Headlines
Email Marketing E-book 300 Power Words & Phrases
Email Marketing E-book 5 Minute Sales Copy Formula

LinkedIn – Marketing (Engels)
Video’s 1 hour 11 min
Linkedin Marketing 1 Intoductie
Linkedin Marketing 2 Profiel Strategie
Linkedin Marketing 3 Het belang van zoekwoorden
Linkedin Marketing 4 Bedrijfspagina
Linkedin Marketing 5 Laat je persoonlijk netwerk groeien
Linkedin Marketing 6 Haal meer uit je netwerk
Linkedin Marketing 7a Influence Marketing
Linkedin Marketing 7b Content Marketing
Linkedin Marketing 8 Betaalde diensten
Linkedin Marketing 9 Tips
LinkedIn Marketing Excellence Upsell

E book: LinkedIn Marketing Goldmine


LinkedIn – Make Money With LinkedIn (English)

Video’s 1 hour 14 min

Google Trends

Video’s 57 min

Video Marketing
Video’s 37 min

1 What is videomarketing
2 Components
3 What Makes Great Videos
4 Creating A Video
5 Writing The Script
6 Best Video Sites To Upload
7 Make Movie With Win MovieMaker
8 Upload to Youtube
9 Create Using Free Method
10 Paid Method Using Powerpoint
11 Keywords
12 Conclusion
Video Marketing Excellence Ebook
Video Marketing Blueprint


Youtube Bully 

Video’s 1 hour 3 min
0 – Intro
1 – Gadget Marketing
2 – Niche Marketing on Crack
3 – Video Creation Voiceover
4 – Slide Show Creation
5 – Video Creation-Outsourcing+Adding a Call to Action
6 – Using Fiverr To Get The Job Done
7 – Mistakes To Avoid When Promoting Your Video

Windows 10 
Video’s 1 hour 5 min.
4-win10 features

WordPress Basic 

Video’s 1 hour 12 min

1. Getting Started With WordPress
2. Installing WordPress Quickly
3. Configure WordPress Easily
4. Introduction To Plugins
5. Installing Plugins
6. Adding Pages and Posts
7. Adding Pictures and Videos
8. Introduction To Themes
9. How To Use Widgets
10. Using WordPress Menus
11. Setup A Simple WordPress Site


Blogging For Money

Video’s 53 min
Intro Video
How To Choose A Profitable Niche
How To Choose Profitable Products To Promote
How To Get A Domain and Hosting Account
How To Install and Setup WordPress
How To Get FREE and Low Cost Content
How To Generate FREE Traffic To Your Website


Working Home
Video’s 1 hour 5 min

1 Working from Home
2 Tips for developing an entrepeurs mindset
3 How to overcome isolation when you work from home
4 Software to avoid RSI and health related issues
5 Learning to say NO
6 Stay motivated
7 Ideal home office
8 Multitasking
9 Tips for staying organized
10 Is this your job?

E-book: Healthy Business, Healthy Life


  1. What is Instagram?
  2. Instagram 101
  3. Photos
  4. Tags
  5. Growth
  6. Integrate
  7. Others
  8. Business
  9. Analyzing
  10. Conclusion

Content Marketing

10 video’s and 5 e-books


20 videos and ebooks

Social Media Advantages

10 videos and ebooks

Tik Tok Marketing Secrets

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