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How to Design Shirts?


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Duration: 2 hours

Welcome to I love designing shirts

Can only graphic designers make great shirts?

Who to sell the shirts to?

Do I need a website to make sales?

1. Welcome to designing your own shirts!

  • Welcome to I love designing shirts!
  • What is the primary purpose of this class?
  • My number one tip for making a business out of designing shirts.
  • What is my favorite part about making wearable designs?
  • When to start using online advertising to make sales?

2. Start designing today with no experience!

  • Easiest way to get started desiging a first shirt?
  • Most painful mistake I have made designing online?
  • Thenounproject has graphics for a low cost!
  • How I track new ideas and get through writers block.

3. Redbubble vs Teespring vs Cafepress.

  • Which website to use for hosting the shirts and making sales?
  • Fast design with Teespring.
  • Cafepress makes it simple to add a design to many products
  • What I use to make custom graphics with Canva and Adobe Creative Cloud.

4. Canva.com tutorial for fast and free designs online! No software download required!

  • Welcome to Canva!
  • How I made the thumbnail for this class in Canva.
  • Realtime Canva design for a shirt with a graphic.
  • Uploading and editing the design on Redbubble.

5. Adobe Photoshop basics tutorial.

  • Welcome to Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 for amazing designs!
  • Making beautiful text fast and basic functions.
  • If I can make this design in a few hours you can do anything!

6. Top 10 T Shirt and apparel selling myths busted!

  • Top 10 Shirt Selling Myths Busted.
  • Myth 1: Is this an easy way to make money online?
  • Myth 2: Why not just hire a graphic designer?
  • Myth 3: Can I do this without being a graphic designer?
  • Myth 4: Are Facebook ads good for making sales?
  • Myth 5: Will a great design sell?
  • Myth 6: Who to sell to?
  • Myth 7: Can a real business be made out of selling merchandise online?
  • Myth 8: Is inventory necessary?
  • Myth 9: Do you need to print locally?
  • Myth 10: Do you need money to start?
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